Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hard To Say Goodbye...

Hello all. I know I’ve disappeared for a bit but I’m back. I’m not bearing good news though. Many of you know I work at a museum, which has increased my love of (almost all) art. Well at the NC Museum of Art, a wonderful piece called “To See Jennie Smile” created by Steven Siegel is being taken down on May 18, 2010. Granted, I haven’t ever seen the piece before I began working here but getting to see it regularly is a delight. It’s a piece you can stare at for hours and walk away feeling as though you still have not absorbed it all. Unfortunately, the piece has began to lean and rather than allowing it to fall into the creek below, it is better to let "Jennie" leave with her dignity intact. The pictures at the top are sort of a before and after. As you can see the piece has some serious leaning going on. There’s still a week left for all of us to say goodbye to “To See Jennie Smile.” The piece is located on the walking trail, on the park grounds behind the museum. We have plenty of maps inside to help anyone locate it. I encourage everyone to come and see “Jennie” smile for the last time. The NC Museum of Art is located at 2110 Blue Ridge Rd in Raleigh.

Here are a few links you might enjoy.
The museum website: http://ncartmuseum.org/interim/home.php
Artist Steven Siegel: http://www.stevensiegel.net